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Mike Wargo Discusses How Hospitals are Preparing for Emergencies

November 5, 2018

From natural disasters to human tragedies, community hospitals have to be ready for anything and everything. Health care and hospitals especially have a role in every disaster that faces our country. In this episode, HCA Healthcare’s Mike Wargo, VP of Enterprise Preparedness and Emergency Operations sits with Chip in their brand new Emergency Operations Center in Nashville, TN.  They discuss how hospitals are preparing for everything from major weather events like Hurricane Michael to man-made disasters like electrical grid failures. After our original conversation with Mike in August, two major storms hit the US so we reached out to him again to talk about HCA Healthcare's response. Those stories of incredible cooperation are included in this episode.

Take a look at HCA Healthcare’s Emergency Operations Center in action during Hurricane Florence:

For additional information on how HCA Healthcare responded to Hurricane Michael click here:

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